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Housing Information

2-1-1 San Diego strives to meet your housing needs ranging from transitional housing, affordable housing, information on fair housing and housing resources for seniors and the disabled. 2-1-1 is working closely with San Diego County cities and local housing agencies like Community Housing Works, San Diego Housing Commission, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and HUD approved agencies to connect San Diegans to the most appropriate housing resource for their needs.

If you are looking for housing assistance, call 2-1-1 to speak with a Client Service Representative who can assess your situation and housing needs. You can also visit the links below for additional information.

Types of Housing Resources

  • Home Improvement/Accessibility – Programs that pay for or provide assistance in the form of consultation, labor and/or supplies for people want to build an accessible home or need to upgrade their homes to make them attractive, safe, accessible and energy-efficient.
  • Home Purchase/Construction Financing/Refinancing – Programs that provide direct or guaranteed loans or grants for the construction, purchase or refinancing of a home.
  • Housing Expense Assistance – Programs that pay current housing bills or finance new living accommodations for people who are otherwise unable to provide for their housing needs. Housing expense assistance programs may have age, income, disability, need or other eligibility requirements.
  • Housing Counseling – Programs that provide comprehensive assistance for people who want to rent or purchase housing including information and guidance about buying and rental costs; how to select affordable housing that meets individual needs; and how to provide for insurance, maintenance and other requirements related to acquiring and paying for housing.
  • Housing Search and Information -Programs that assist people to find and select available purchasable or rental housing, commercial lots and/or residential lots which meet their individual needs.
  • Residential Housing Options – Temporary or long-term residential options for individuals and families who are looking for housing. Included are market rate and subsidized rental and purchase options; facilities for people who do not want to establish independent households or cannot afford to do so; and housing for older adults and people with disabilities who are capable of maintaining independent living in a communal environment without any form of supervision, care or support. Structures may include single family dwellings, apartment buildings, duplexes, triplexes, congregate living facilities, mobile home parks, single room occupancy (SRO) housing and other shared housing facilities.
  • Shelter and Homeless Services – Webpage dedicated to provide information about current shelter bed availability as well as information about clothing, soup kitchens, Homeless Drop-In Services, Personal Goods and Services, Street Outreach Programs, and Transportation services.
  • Supportive Housing – Programs that provide an alternative living arrangement for individuals who, because of age, disability, substance abuse, mental illness, chronic homelessness or other circumstances, are unable to live independently without care, supervision and/or support to help them in the activities of daily living; or who need access to case management, housing support, vocational, employment and other services to transition to independent living.
  • Transitional Housing/Shelter – Programs that provide extended shelter and supportive services for homeless individuals and/or families with the goal of helping them live independently and transition into permanent housing. Some programs require that the individual/family be transitioning from a short-term emergency shelter. The length of stay varies considerably by program.

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