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Re-Entry Substance Abuse

Types of Substance Abuse Services

Out-patient Treatment Facilities – Supervised, structured programs that offer a wide range of outpatient services which may be coordinated by a case manager and may include individual and group counseling, 12-step meetings, social and recreational activities, educational and vocational services, life skills training, primary health care, perinatal health care, a program for family members, relapse prevention services, a continuing care program and supportive services (such as child care, transportation and parenting skills development) for individuals who have problems related to substance abuse, who need access to treatment to maintain their individual recovery plans but do not require the intensity of a day treatment program or 24-hour hospital care. Participants attend the program on a regularly scheduled basis at least once a month but usually more frequently depending on their individual needs. Intensive outpatient programs are usually available three or four days per week for three or four hours per day.

Residential Treatment Facilities – (i.e. rehabs) are a kind of transitional housing that provides therapy for drug or alcohol addiction, treatment for mental health issues, or both. These programs are usually very structured environments.

Residential Alcohol Treatment Facilities

Residential Drug Treatment Facilities

Sober Living Homes – Alcohol and other drug-free residences (which may be single family dwellings, duplexes, multiplex apartment buildings or communal residential facilities) for people who are recovering from substance abuse and need a sober environment in order to sustain an abstinent lifestyle. Residents are free to organize and participate in support group meetings or any other activity that helps them maintain sobriety, but neither the homes nor the residents provide treatment, recovery, detoxification services or other supportive services and supervision of individual recovery is not provided. Because they provide no services, sober living homes do not require a license but are generally subject to landlord/tenant laws.

  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Detox Services
  • Drug Detoxification
  • Alcohol Detoxification
  • Support Groups
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Narcotics Anonymous/Drug 12-Step Programs
  • Al-anon/Alateen


National Crisis Helpline for Substance Abuse 800-260-7129

California Smokers’ Helpline 800-662-8887

Cocaine Anonymous Support Line 858-347-8898