Transitional Housing, a combination of basic housing and services intended to help prepare people for a transition to long-term stable housing, is another level of housing support. Transitional Housing services differ depending on what target group/population the program serves. Many are rehab facilities for those with drug or alcohol addictions. Transitional housing programs often have waiting lists, so it is a good idea to try to contact them as soon as possible.

Residential Treatment Facilities (i.e. rehabs) are a kind of transitional housing that provides therapy for drug or alcohol addiction, treatment for mental health issues, or both. These programs are usually very structured environments.

Sober Living Homes are affordable alcohol and drug free environments that provide a positive space for group recovery and support. Sober housing promotes individual recovery by providing an environment that allows residents to develop individual recovery programs self sufficiency.

Low Income Housing programs offer long-term housing for people with limited income. There are various programs available in San Diego County (i.e. HUD, Section 8). These programs may be able to assist you in renting an apartment within your budget or even buying an affordable home. Some low income housing programs also focus on specific needs and populations, such as seniors, people who have faced chronic homelessness, or people living with HIV/AIDS.