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How the Program Helps Reduce Graffiti

By tracking graffiti throughout the region, Graffiti Tracker significantly helps law enforcement solve graffiti crimes more efficiently. This collaborative program allows law enforcement to catch the biggest offenders, provide faster clean-up, and deter individuals from vandalizing personal and public property.

Reporting Graffiti in Your Neighborhood

Law enforcement agencies throughout San Diego County are working together to combat graffiti by taking part in a program that tracks and analyzes graffiti. If you see graffiti in your neighborhood, please call 2-1-1 to report it. When graffiti is reported, 2-1-1 can get this information to local governments to follow-up with clean-up and investigation of the graffiti.



How the Program Works

Graffiti Tracker is a Web-based program that allows law enforcement and public works departments to compile incidents of graffiti. When a clean-up crew goes to the scene to remove the graffiti, they take pictures of the vandalism using a special camera equipped with GPS. That information is sent to an analyst who then links the graffiti to other graffiti committed by the same vandal. That information is stored in database that law enforcement investigators can access to build and solve cases. Investigators and prosecutors can use the bounty of information provided by the program to charge individuals with multiple cases of vandalism and force them to pay restitution to the City for all of the clean-up associated with their crimes.