Disaster Response Partners

2-1-1 San Diego serves as the general public’s “hotline” in disaster, providing up-to-the-minute information about shelters, evacuation routes, road closures, volunteering, and more. At the same time, 2-1-1 serves the public safety sector with rumor control, trend analysis, and feedback from the public on emerging needs. In fulfilling this mission, 2-1-1 eases the burden on 9-1-1 whose dispatchers must respond to those in immediate danger.

Upon activation, 2-1-1 operates under the County’s Emergency Plan as a partner of the Office of Emergency Services. Its operations are supported by the agency’s own Disaster Response Team, a corps of highly trained disaster volunteers. Utilizing the latest technologies, and supported by a collective of affiliated agencies, 2-1-1 may assure the public that its disaster services are sustainable and its information current, accurate, and authorized.