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Brand Guidelines


211 San Diego

We’re 211 San Diego. We help connect people to the resources they need to live healthy, fulfilling lives, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Please do not refer to us using any other variations of our name. We are also an independent, non-profit organization. While we love working with regional and national partners, please do not refer to us as an affiliate of any other organization.


This is our preferred logo for marketing and public use.



On light backgrounds, use our full-color logo.



Printing one color? Use our all-blue logo.



Use a white logo on dark backgrounds or as a watermark such as a placement over a photo. Avoid using a white logo on a contextually colored background.


On darker colored backgrounds, use our all-white logo.

Community Information Exchange (CIE)®

The Community Information Exchange (CIE)® is a trusted multi-disciplinary network, technology platform, and concept developed by 211 San Diego to improve health outcomes through coordinated and enhanced community care.
For short, you can refer to it as CIE®.

211/CIE San Diego

211/CIE San Diego is our local initiative that aims to expand participation in the CIE, address systemic needs through shared data, and achieve our vision for a healthier region. This initiative is executed by 211 San Diego team with support from our local partners. This initiative would not be possible without the support of both our 211 and CIE networks, so the use of “211/CIE” is important to us.

CIE National Movement

The CIE National Movement is our national initiative—a movement to help communities across the country build a CIE and harness the value of cross-sector collaboration and data sharing.
Note that “National” and “Movement” should always be capitalized when referring to this initiative.

Please use the full-color logo with the CIE icon and Community Information Exchange text whenever possible. The secondary logo is the icon and CIE text.


Avoid using just the CIE icon, except for a watermark such as a placement over a photo where a full-color logo would not be appropriate or the text would not be legible.

Use the vertical logo in cases where there is limited space and therefore, insufficient room for the full logo.

By using the 211/CIE San Diego brand assets, you agree to follow our Trademark & Copyright Guidelines (2-1-1 Terms of Service, CIE Legal Information) and that you will use them solely in your capacity as a partner or mass media outlet employee or contractor. You will not alter our brand assets, except to reduce or enlarge the overall size, or combine them with any other trademark, or use them with any other word, design, logo or other element. We reserve the right to cancel, modify, or change this policy and your right to use our brand assets, at any time in our sole discretion without notice.

For questions about brand guidelines, logo usage, or branding partnerships:

Contact Kassandra Castaneda, Marketing Manager, [email protected].