Mental Health Services Board and Care Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Licensed Board and Care facility for the mentally ill?

Adult Residential Care has many common names including Board and Care, community care, assisted living, and about 15 other terms. All of the terms relate to the supervision of adults or elderly who cannot live alone and need some non-nursing services daily. Adult Residential Care is non-nursing care and supervision. It is NOT a Nursing Home or independent living facility.

Who monitors the Board and Care Facilities?

They are under license with State Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division, and must submit to annual inspections.

What services must be provided?

Assistance with bathing, dressing, and feeding, monitoring of diet and medications, monitoring of daily activities, assistance with doctor and dental appointments (which may include providing door to door service) constant contact with the doctor in charge, and monitoring for illness. Meals including a snack in the evening and laundry services, are provided at no extra cost. Special diets may also be included but MUST have written doctor orders authorizing them. Some facilities may offer additional services not required by State Licensing, and usually will have additional charges added.

Who should I call if I have a complaint or violation about a Board and Care?

Please contact the State’s Community Care Licensing Division local office. The number in San Diego is (619) 767-2300.

Are there any requirements for a Board and Care to provide activities or outings?

Plans for activities and outings are submitted to Community Care Licensing and are part of the facility’s public file. The file may be viewed at the Community Care Licensing office at 7575 Metropolitan Dr., Ste., 109, San Diego, California.

How can I find a Board and Care that will address certain specific needs, such as finding one with Spanish-speaking staff, that has regular psychiatrist visits, etc?

Please contact the facility directly for this information.

Will a Board and Care accept someone with drug and alcohol problems?

Contact the facility directly for this information.

How much do Board and Cares charge for services?

Charges can vary depending upon the resident’s type of income. If the person is an adult and is on a federal fixed income such as Social Security (SSA) or SSI, the monthly rate amount has been set by the State of California. If the person has his own means to pay, there is no fixed amount of monthly rent.

Do all Board and Cares accept SSI for payment?

Many facilities do accept SSI for payment. Please contact the facility directly for this information.

How much additional money is a Board and Care allowed to charge for a private room?

10% for SSI

Where can I get more information about adult residential care?

Go to Click on Title 22 Regulations and go to General Licensing and Adult Residential Facility regulations, or contact Community Care Licensing at 619-767-2300.

How can I provide feedback to this website if information is not valid, correct, or helpful?

Email feedback to [email protected] or call (858) 300-1200.