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Data Reports and Briefs

True to our mission, we share data insights and trend information to shape policy and aid in community planning. For data requests or questions, please contact us by completing the form below.

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Client Profile Reports

In August 2017, 211 San Diego moved to a new client data collection platform. The new system stores client information in longitudinal records and captures data in a more robust way to better identify a client’s overall situation. The process for documenting needs also changed, allowing for more needs to be identified per client. Comparisons of raw numbers (e.g. number of clients, number of needs) should be used with caution, as the methodologies have changed over the years.

Regional Client Profile Report for CY22
Regional Client Profile Report for CY21

Housing Instability in San Diego County

The competition for affordable housing has resulted in higher housing costs and increased rent burden for many low and moderate-income households. Studies have found that poverty, wage stagnation, rent burden, and reliance on public assistance have contributed to housing instability. A variety of strategies have emerged across the nation to combat housing instability, including early identification of households most likely to become homeless to quickly connect them to emergency financial assistance and services, eviction prevention, and school-based prevention programs. With proper practices and effective strategies, San Diego County can advance awareness, increase available resources and enhance existing efforts so that fewer households experience instability. 

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