Community Lab

“Community Lab: Creating a Plan to Advance Person-Centered Service”

(10:15 AM – 11:15 AM)

During this Community Lab, participants will work together to identify opportunities for advancing Person-Centered Service* (PCS) in the San Diego County region. Participants will define their key challenges to delivering PCS and engage in a Design Thinking session facilitated by IBM experts to create solutions to the challenges including service delivery practices, data, technology, and policy. Design Thinking is an innovative approach to quickly and effectively focus on outcomes by understanding intent and developing empathy and understanding for key stakeholders. Data and technology in PCS will be important themes in our collective Design Thinking. At the conclusion of the Lab, participants will have taken the first steps to create a plan for collectively advancing PCS in our region.

*PCS is an approach to service delivery that places customers at the center of their own development. Being person-centered means considering all the needs of the individual, and when those needs are beyond the scope of your department or organization, collaborating as necessary to ensure individuals are linked with the resources they need.