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2-1-1 San Diego is partnering with the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Public Health Department to ensure San Diegans are educated and know where to get a vaccine for Hepatitis A. Call 2-1-1 to find a community clinic near you to request the Hepatitis A vaccines.


If you have health insurance

  1. Contact your healthcare provider or pharmacy for a vaccination
  2. Or if you have health insurance and you don’t know your primary care provider, click the button below to locate a community health center

Vaccinations at Community Health Centers

If you DO NOT have health insurance

If you do not have health insurance or if your healthcare provider does not cover Hepatitis A vaccines, click the button below:

Vaccinations at Public Health Centers


Calendar of Events

Members of the identified Hepatitis A at-risk population, including a person who is homeless or a homeless service provider, an intravenous drug user, a health care professional or a member of the service industry, to find a vaccination event near you, Click here.


Where to wash your hands

To download the list of public restrooms, please Click here.

To download the list of hand washing stations, please Click here.

To find more information about Hepatitis A, Click here.

To download a fact sheet on Hepatitis A, Click here.

To learn more about the outbreak in San Diego, Click here.

Hepatitis A disinfection guidelines, Click here.

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